Thunder Tiger CORP. -- mini Titan E325 PRO KIT NO.4710-K


mini Titan E325 PRO KIT

Item No. 4710-K
Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.) (654mm)25.74" 
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.) (120mm)4.72" 
Total Height(mm / in.) (210mm)8.3" 
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.) (728mm)28.66" / (748mm)29.45" 
Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.) (156mm)6.14" 
Gear Ratio 1:11.5:4.4 
Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.) (750g)26.5 oz 


4710-K10: mini Titan E325 KIT body only.
4710-K11: mini Titan E325 with Motor & ESC


Thunder Tiger proudly introduces the fully aerobatic mini Titan E325 electric helicopter. It is designed by a team of expert engineers and tested by the world's best pilots. The mini Titan E325 delivers the ultimate 3D experience for a helicopter of this size. This is the expert's choice for all-out 3D flying. In addition, it also posses superb flight stability for training new pilots. Rugged one-piece molded frame and minimal parts count make the mini Titan E325 the strongest mini electric helicopter on the market, fastest to build, and the most inexpensive to repair.


1.Super storng and light weight one-piece main frame.
2.Molded one-piece landing skid.
3.Easily accessible and removable motor to change pinions.
4.High-positioned battery tray for better aerobatics.
5.Changable Bell-Hiller mixing ratio for different flying styles.
6.120 degree ECCPM control system.
7.Main rotor grips with 2 radial and a thrust bearing.
8.Driven-tail autorotation system.
9.Entire tail assembly detaches unplugs for easy packing and storing.
10.Precise tail pitch control system.

Precise tail pitch control system

Full autorotation system

120 degree ECCPM control system

Changeable Bell-Hiller mixing ratio

High-positioned battery tray

Easily accessible and changeable motor pinions

One-piece molded landing skid

Super strong and lightweight one-piece main frame

Entire tail assembly detaches for transportation

Spare Parts List

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