Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Aguila 210 NO.4605

Aguila 210

Item No. 4605
Wing  Span(mm / in.) 8.30” (210mm) 
Length(mm / in.) 6.10” (155mm) 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 0.24 oz. (6.0g) 


Free-flight Fun !

The Aguila 210 is a low-wing model in the Free-Flight series designed specifically for both display and flight. The model comes with all necessary accessories and only requires two AA Alkaline batteries to fly. The Aguila 210 is particularly suitable for young children about to explore the world of aviation.

Just open the box and install 2 dry cells (AA-Alkaline battery) in the charger, follow the simple instructions provided on the manual to properly charge the plane. 30 seconds later, switch on the power and gently launch the Aguila 210.
The Aguila 210 flies for a good 20~30 seconds. Indoor flight is possible if the model's stabilizer and rudder are properly trimmed.


1. Ideal for display and flight
2. 100% Ready To Fly
3. Super capacitor battery recharges in seconds
4. Small package with detailed instruction
5. Includes Charger, spare propeller, screwdriver and display stand