Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Tiger Trainer MKII-60 NO.4582


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Tiger Trainer MKII-60

Item No. 4582
Wing  Span(mm / in.) 72.05”(1830mm) 
Length(mm / in.) 59.06” (1500mm) 
Wing Area(sq. dm² / 902²) 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 6.83 lbs. (3100g) 
Engine .60~.65 Req'd 


Big Brother

The MKII-60 is undoubtly impressive as the largest model in the Thunder Tiger Trainer family.
Beautiful vinyl-sealed graphics covering, quality balsa and light ply construction, and excellent flight characteristics make this model the ideal entry level R/C airplane for fully enjoying the hobby right off from the very first flight.

Balsa-built up wings and lit ply fuselage ensure this 60-size trainer enjoys a light and low wing loading for docile flight characteristics. All that is needed are the engine, a 4-CH radio system and some basic tools. In just a few hours of assembly, the MKII-60 is ready for its first flight.

All comprehensive hardware is included with fuel tank, spinner, tires and etc while the complete airframe is factory pre-covered.

It is highly recommended to install the Thunder Tiger GP-61 2-stroke engine to enjoy the MKII-60 to its full potential.

Available in both ARF and Super Combo versions.


Factory covered with beautiful printed covering
Light-weight wood structure with low wing loading
Enhanced aerodynamic design for "Self-recovering" abilities
Computer-designed flat-bottom airfoil for "Hands Off" stability
Comprehensive list of hardware and accessories included

computer-design flat-bottom airfoil

factory covered with printed covering

also available in blue

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List