Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Tiger Trainer OBL NO.4579-K11

Tiger Trainer OBL

Item No. 4579-K11
Wing  Span(mm / in.) 69.5" (1770mm) 
Length(mm / in.) 51" (1294mm) 
Wing Area(sq. dm² / 902 (50.8dm²) 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 5 lbs.(2200~2350g) 
Motor OBL36/11-40A Req'd 
Engine .40~.46 Req'd 
Radio 4 CH,3 STD Servos Req'd 


The Tiger Trainer OBL is the latest evolution in the Tiger Trainer series of high-wing RC aircrafts. Designed for both Nitro and Electric Power, the Tiger Trainer OBL delivers the top and stable performances to all pilots.
With its eye-catching, sleek scale-like cabin / upper fuselage and colorful trim scheme, the Tiger Trainer OBL looks fantastic no matter how you look at it ! Best of all, the model is probably the finest ARF value available today !

The kit comes with both OBL motor mount and adjustable engine mount for quick and easy setup for either nitro engine or brushless motor.

The Trainer OBL is a highly-modified version from the original Tiger Tiger 40.  It now includes a quick-remove windshield for fuel tank or battery easy-maintainance. The wing surface is significantly larger and the airfoil is also greatly improved to meet the reqirements of an electric-powered plane.

Under both motorisations, the Tiger Trainer OBL is a great choice to enter the world of RC powered-flight.
Look no more, choose the Tiger Trainer OBL and enjoy the thrills of R/C flight right away !


< Factory Covered with Printed Covering
< Includes both OBL motor mount & adjustable engine mount
< Quick-remove front windshield for easy access
< Smooth, forgiving & stable flight characteristics
< Self-recovering capability

factory covered with printed covering

quick-remove front windowshield for easy acess

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