Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Sea Fury NO.4576


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Sea Fury

Item No. 4576
Wing  Span(mm / in.) 67 3/4"(1720mm) 
Length(mm / in.) 60" (1525mm) 
Wing Area(sq. dm² /  
Weight(g/ lbs.) 13 lbs.(5900g) 
Engine .90 2S, 1.20 4S Req'd 
Radio 5~8ch 6~8 servos Req'd 


The Finest of All

A Royal Navy Sea Fury was the first aircraft to score a confirmed Mig 15 kill in air-to-air combat in the early 50’s. Although jets were quickly gaining favor at the time, the Sea Fury still had sufficient performance to be highly effective. This detailed kit comes with a pre-painted fiberglass fuselage and cowl, while wings and tail surfaces are made out of quality lite ply & balsa covered with matching navy blue covering.
All required hardware such as heavy duty retracts; operating flaps, vacuum-formed canopy, tail gear assembly and pilot are included in the kit.
The Sea Fury 1/6 model is remarkably stable, shows predictable flight characteristics and looks simply stunning with accurate panel lines, high quality decals and military paint scheme.


1. Pre-painted fiberglass fuselage & cowl
2. Detailed military decals sheet
3. 3-blade propeller
4. Aluminum Spinner
5. Heavy-duty retracts
6. Aileron and working flaps
7. Removable main wing halves for easy transportation
8. Scale-like tail gear assembly
9. Cap’n Eddy included

Optional custom-made muffler(No.9794)

heavy-duty retracts included

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List