Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Sept. Fury NO.4573


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Sept. Fury

Item No. 4573
Wing  Span(mm / in.) 67 3/4"(1720mm) 
Length(mm / in.) 60" (1525mm) 
Wing Area(sq. dm² /  
Weight(g/ lbs.) 13 lbs.(5900g) 
Engine 90 - 2 Cycle / 1.20 - 4 Cycle Req'd 
Radio 5-8 CH Req'd 6-8 Servos Req'd 


1. Pre-painted fiberglass fuselage
2. Removable main wing halves joined by fiberglass tube
3. Detailed official logo & decals sheet
4. Standard Equipped 3-blade propeller
5. Aluminum spinner
6. Heavy-duty retracts
7. Working split-flaps
8. 5~8CH Req'd


Hard Left-Turn !

Another great Reno monster! September Fury is a superb machine and has proven over and over to be the fastest Sea Fury to ever take to the skies. The kit includes a sleek fiberglass fuselage and cowl, lite ply and laser-cut balsa wings and tail surfaces finished in matching red covering.
All required hardware such as heavy duty retracts; vacuum-formed canopy, operating split-flaps, tail gear assembly and polished aluminum spinner are all included in the kit.

The September Fury 1/6 model was born to fly fast, but once its large flaps are fully-lowered, the model becomes a tamed machine behaving very much like a high-wing aircraft.


1.The Fastest Sea Fury of an Unlimited Pylon Racer
2.Factory Pre-painted Fiberglass Fuselage
3.Detailed Official Logo Decal Sheet
4.Equipped With Standard 3-blade Aluminum Spinner
5.Superlite Retract Gear with 4.5mm wire Included
6.Aileron and Flap Control Surface


Optional custom-made muffler (No.9794)

standard 3-blade spinner

landing gear included

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List