Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Expo 3D 40 NO.4572

Expo 3D 40

Item No. 4572
Wing  Span(mm / in.) 53"(1350mm) 
Length(mm / in.) 57" (1438mm) 
Wing Area(sq. dm² / 725 (46.8dm²) 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 4.5-5 lbs.(2000-2200g) 
Radio 4 CH 5 Servos Req'd 


Set the sky on fire !!

The Expo 3D 40 is a proven 3D model to "easily" perform any aerobatics and 3D maneuvers such as Knife Edge, Torque Rolls, Cobra... and hovering is a real piece of cake ! 

Built of laser cut balsa and lite ply, the Expo 3D 40 delivers an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio. This latest design is simply insane for extreme 3D maneuvers ranging from the Harrier, Waterfall, Blender, Torque Roll and much more.

Covered with transparent Ultracote® / Oracover® in a striking Fire scheme, the Expo 3D 40 looks incredible and is highly visible under all conditions.