Thunder Tiger CORP. -- 3D Yak-54  55 NO.4350-K20-03


  1. 4350-manual9 MB

3D Yak-54  55

Item No. 4350-K20-03
Wing  Span(mm / in.) 55”(1397mm) 
Length(mm / in.) 53.5"(1360mm) 
Wing Area(sq. dm² / 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 4.85lb.(2150~2250g) 
Motor OBL50/05-50A req’d 
Radio 4 Micro Servos Req’d 


Twist & Turn!

A great e-powered 3D machine to attack any aerobatics and 3D maneuvers ranging from Knife Edge, Hovering, Torque Rolls, Cobra and etc…
Made of Lite Ply & Balsa and covered with striking quality covering. The kit features a rigid FRP cowl, wheel pants, carbon landing gears and all needed hardware.

A fantastic aircraft for all those who want to try their hands at 3D aerobatics with a reasonnable-size aircraft.
Are you ready to Rock-n-Roll?

Also available in a White / Red / Black / Yellow scheme (Ref. Nbr 4350-K20-04).


1. Factory pre-covered and built with selected Balsa 
2. Includes Rigid & Lite Carbon Landing Gears
3. Quick Removable Canopy for Easy Maintenance
4. Pre-painted FRP Cowl and Wheel Pants
5. Great for free-style aerobatics and 3D maneuvers

CFK landing gear

pre-painted FRP wheel pant

pre-painted FRP cowl

Spare Parts List