Thunder Tiger CORP. -- eHawk 1500 NO.4344-K21Y


eHawk 1500

Item No. 4344-K21Y
Wing  Span(mm / in.) 59.84” (1520mm) 
Length (mm / in.) 36.42” ( 925mm) 
Wing Area(sq. dm² / 341.0 (22.00dm²) 
Weight(g/ lbs.) 600g(21oz.) 
Airfoil RG-15 
Motor OBL 29/09-07A 


1.FRP Fuselage and Tail Boom
2.Laser Cut Balsa Built Up Wing and Tail
3.Efficient 10x6 Folding Propeller with Spinner
4.Quality Transparent Covering Covered
5.Powerful Brushless Outrunner OBL29/09-07A
6.Comprehensive Hardware and Decal
7.Illustrated Step by Step Instruction Manual and Safety Caution


Soar Above It All !

This new generation of a 1.5M glider will lift you up to new soaring heights. This latest e-glider is standard equipped with an efficient outrunner OBL29 spinning a high performance folding prop to make the eHawk 1500 an outstanding glider.
A direct upgrade from the original eHawk 1400, the new 1500 combines proven RG15 airfoil plus convenient removable wing halves and V-tail design for easy transportation. Other great design upgrades on the glider include, for example, a faux carbon canopy, lighting holes, and an easy-to-remove tail mount...

Performance-wise, the eHawk 1500 is simply fantastic. Following a simple hand launch, the glider easily climbs straight up at about 60-degree. Flying speed is actually quite fast thanks to the RG15 airfoil under both powered and glide flights. Refer to the controller manual for properly setting up the brake function while once folded, the blades hardly create any drag. 
The eHawk 1500 performs simple aerobatics such as loops and rolls easily. The torque produced by the large prop makes left roll easier than right roll.

Closely follow the instruction manual to assemble this glider. The fuselage is rather narrow and assembly requires a neat job when installing the servos. Ensure servo horns do not contact each other or contact the fuselage. 
The V-tail glider is quite sensitive in flying, make sure all controls are smooth and do not bind. It is strongly suggested to adjust the control throws as per the manual.

The manual includes detailed flying instructions for novice pilots as well as useful tips for thermal soaring.

Also available : 
No. 4344-K21L : BLUE 
No. 4344-K21: MAGENTA



1. Gelcoated Fiberglass Fuselage and Black FRP Tail Boom
2. Aileron and V tail Control Surfaces
3. RG-15 Performance Airfoil with Tapered Wing
4. Removable Wing Halves and V-tail for Easy Transportation
5. Faux Carbon Canopy
5. 3 Color Schemes Available








10x6 folding propeller included

Spare Parts List