Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Flybarless Rotor Head Conversion Kit- for Titan X50 Sereis NO.3925

Flybarless Rotor Head Conversion Kit- for Titan X50 Sereis

Item No. 3925


Flybarless Rotor Head  Conversion Kit
Advised and approved by Thunder Tiger Team International pilots, the factory flybarless rotor head set featuresboth the best performance and rigid structure. The design is applicable to most of the popular brand 3-axis gyros. No more nameless conversion kits, now you can just simply get an authentic factory flybarless rotor head from Thunder Tiger and enjoy your flights! 
With the flybarless rotor head, you will get more power and extend flight time causes of the less mechanical and flybar drags, moreover, the crisp pitch response that makes your helicopter fly much harder than you did ever.


1.3-piece assembled main rotor grips for easy repair
2.Lengthen control arms for high control resolution
3.Rigid, lightweight one-piece main rotor hub
4.Enlarged ball linkage and rod for rigidness & extreme pitch response
5.Applicable to both all series of Titan X50 & Raptor 30/50 family
6.Applicable to most of popular brand 3-axis gyros

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