Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Torque Tube Converison Kit for Titan X50B NO.3922

Torque Tube Converison Kit for Titan X50B

Item No. 3922


Extreme Response !
Here it is! The ultimate hardware upgrade for the Titan X50B !
An all-in-one Torque Tube, Metal Tail Unit Kit & all MUST-have Parts for unbelievable crisp rudder response and 100% power transfer.

Be all you can be, and throw any mad 3D maneuvers at the Titan X50!


1. Lightweight, one-piece machined metal tail case
2. New design metal tail grip set
3. Autorotation system with straight bevel gear
4. 6mm hardened tail drive gear shaft
5. New design easy-install rudder rod guide
6. Exclusive for Titan X50B

Spare Parts List

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