Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Agusta A109 K2 with E325 2.4GHz Super Combo NO.3876-F06


Agusta A109 K2 with E325 2.4GHz Super Combo

Item No. 3876-F06
Full Length of Fuselage(mm / in.) 780/30.71 
Full Width of Fuselage(mm / in.) 184/7.2 
Total Height(mm / in.) 208/8.2 
Main Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 748/29.45 
Tail Rotor Dia(mm / in.) 156/6.14 
Gear Ratio 1:11.5:4.4 
Full Equipped Weight(g/ lbs.) 790/27.9 


1. ACE RC Sky Master TS6 2.4GHz Radio System * 1
2. ACE RC TG-6100M Gyro & E-CCPM mixer * 1
3. ACE RC Li-Po Battery, 2200mAh 3S1P 25C * 1
4. mini Titan E325 with all electronics * 1 set (OBL 29/35-10H motor, surface control servos * 4, rudder servo * 1 & BLC-40A ESC * 1)
5. Pre-painted A109K2 fuselage * 1 set
6. Instructions Manual x 1 set
7. ACE RC AC Charger for Tx battery * 1
8. ACE RC T3AC Balance Charger for Li-Po Battery * 1

* Note: Tx Battery Charger & T3AC Li-Po Balance Charger are not included in the Super Combo distributed in New Zealand & Australia.


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The AGUSTA A109K2 Scale fuselage conversion KIT is now available in a SUPER COMBO version combining the mini Titan 2.4G package and the A109K2 scale fuselage.

All the best is included with the Sky Master TS6 2.4G radio system, electronic speed control, high-performance brushless motor, Li-Po, gyro and servos.

The scale fuselage comes with scale details such as rear view mirrors, main rotor blades, snow skis kit mounted on landing gears, rescue hoist, footstep, antenna, horizontal stabilizer, slump protection pads kit and much more. Available in 2 civilian schemes.

No. 3876-L Blue/White

No. 3876-R Red/White


mini Titan E325 heli:
1. Super strong and lightweight one-piece main frame
2. One-piece molded landing skid
3. Easily accessible and removable motor to change pinions
4. High-positioned battery tray for crisp aerobatics
5. Changeable Bell-Hiller mixing ratio for different flying styles
6. 120 degree ECCPM control system
7. Main rotor grips with 2 radial and a thrust bearing.
8. Full autorotation system
9. Entire tail assembly detaches for easy transportation and storage
10. Precise tail pitch control system

ACE RC TS6 2.4GHz Radio System:
1. 6CH digital proportional radio system.
2. 2.4G Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) wireless system.

AGUSTA A109K2 Scale Fuselage
1. Exclusive quick-open hatch cover to access battery.
2. Light PVC body, easy to assemble.
3. Full-scale main rotor blade.
4. Scale rear view mirrors, searchlights, snow skis kit mounted on landing gears, rescue hoist & footstep.
5. Other scale details include antenna, horizontal stabilizer & slump protection pads kit.
6. Available in 2 great pre-painted schemes.

* Official license from Agusta

Includes mini Titan E325 ARF

Includes ACE RC 2.4G Receiver

Exclusive quick-open hatch cover

Rescue hoist, antenna, landing gear

Scale details on tail

Light PVC fuselage, easy to assemble

Scale rotor blades

Includes ACE RC T3AC charger

Includes ACE RC 6CH TS6 2.4G Transmitter

Includes ACE RC TG-6100M Heading Lock Gyro

Spare Parts List

Optional Parts List