Thunder Tiger CORP. -- FUEL TANK 480cc/16oz NO.3265

FUEL TANK 480cc/16oz

Item No. 3265


1) Silicone Pick-up
2) Straight Tank Nipple & 90° Tank Nipple
3) Plastic Locking Cap
4) Rubber Stopper
5) Pick-up Clunk


Thunder Tiger's fule tank series features no-kink lip, its extended lip design protects fuel line from being pinched against firewall.  Molded-in pull tab at rear of tank allows easy tank removal.  Available in 10 sizes from 2.5oz (75cc) up to 32 oz. (960cc).  All fuel tanks include silicone pick-up tube, straight and 90-degree tank nipple, plastic locking cap, rubber stopper and pick-up clunk.


1) No-kink lip
2) Full size (10 sizes)