Thunder Tiger CORP. -- OBL 29/35-10H NO.2381

OBL 29/35-10H

Item No. 2381
Voltage range( V ) 2~3S Li-Po Battery 
RPM per volt(RPM/Volt) 3500 RPM/V 
Dimensions ψx L(mm/in) 28.5 x 28.1 mm (1.12 x 1.11 in) 
Shaft Diameter ψ(mm/in) 3.175mm (0.125 in) 
Max.efficiency current(A) 4~20A 
Current capacity(A/s )  
Internal resistance(mΩ) 36 mΩ 
Recommend Propeller  
Weight(g/oz) 55 / 1.94 
KV Rating (PRM/Volt)  
Max. Surge Current(A/s) 30A / 60s 


1) Ripper outrunner brushless motor x 1
2) Heat shrink x 3
3) Golden Connector (male) x 3
4) Golden Connector (female) x 3
5) Screw Set x 1
6) L Type hex wrench ( 2.5 mm) x 1
7) Instruction Manual x 1


The Ripper OBL outrunner motors are designed for R/C electric helicopters. Thunder Tiger provides a brand new range of brushless motors to satisfy all your flying needs. Extremely high torque and masses of power for a motor of its size. With the best cooling design, you can get the best efficiency out of the motor.


1) The perfect current capacity for long time flying
2) Provides extremely high torque for flying
3) The most efficiently RPM value
4) The maximum efficiency current
5) The best mechanical design for cooling motor
6) Light weight with the best performance
7) Dual Ball Bearing shaft support
8) Special designed for small size electric helicopter of 3S Li-Po Battery setup.

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