Thunder Tiger CORP. -- ACE RC RIPPER OBL49 /08 50H NO.2380-F


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Item No. 2380-F
Voltage range( V ) 8~10s Li-Poly 
RPM per volt(RPM/Volt) 800 RPM/V 
Dimensions ψx L(mm/in) 4.86/1.92 
Shaft Diameter ψ(mm/in) 5/0.2 
Max.efficiency current(A) 4~65A 
Current capacity(A/s ) 70A/60s 
Internal resistance(mΩ) 13mΩ 
Recommend Propeller
Weight(g/oz) 360/12.4 
KV Rating (PRM/Volt)  
Max. Surge Current(A/s)  


Instruction manual × 1
Ripper series outrunner brushless motor × 1
Golden connector(male)× 3
Golden connector(female)× 3
Screw Set × 1


 ACE RC Ripper OBL series outrunner brushless motor. The latest series of BLDC OBL outrunner brushless motors from ACE RC is a fantastic solution for electric conversions or stock e-powered models ranging from medium-size helis to 3D aircrafts. Configured with curved magnets, all OBL motors deliver high torque & high RPM at maximum efficiency for longer flight time and cool temperatures.


Advanced 0.2mm laminations & cooling fan (OBL 49 series)
High current capacity for longer flight time.
Highly efficient RPM value
Light weight for top performance
Dual ball bearings shaft support
All necessary accessories included