Thunder Tiger CORP. -- IBL36/49-540C NO.2359


Item No. 2359
Voltage range( V ) 6~8 cells 
RPM per volt(RPM/Volt) 4900 RPM/V 
Dimensions ψx L(mm/in) 36*46 mm 
Shaft Diameter ψ(mm/in) 3.17mm 
Max.efficiency current(A) 10~50A 
Current capacity(A/s )  
Internal resistance(mΩ) 12mΩ 
Recommend Propeller  
Weight(g/oz) 190g/6.7oz 
KV Rating (PRM/Volt)  
Max. Surge Current(A/s) 55A/60s 


Ready to enjoy the benefits of the brushless?

Thunder Tiger RIPPER series Brushless motors are affordable, high performance and efficiency brushless power sources that offers most 1/10 scale drivers the most convenient way to upgrade their car to brushless. All brushless motors are available in either stand-alone or in combos with brushless ESC. This sensorless motor is specially designed for immediate, "plug and play" use. All RIPPER brushless motors are hand-assembled, virtually maintenance-free and up to twice as efficient as brushed motors.


1. Oversized precision sealed bearings.

2. 3.17mm Hardened steel Shaft-Type 540 (36x46mm).

3. Offer up to 25-30% longer run times with excellent starting torque and smooth acceleration.

4. Triple insulated windings for long life.

Spare Parts List