Thunder Tiger CORP. -- IBL36/39-540C NO.2344

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Item No. 2344
Voltage range( V ) 6~8 cells 
RPM per volt(RPM/Volt) 3900 RPM/V 
Dimensions ψx L(mm/in) 36*46 mm 
Shaft Diameter ψ(mm/in) 3.17mm 
Max.efficiency current(A) 10~45A 
Current capacity(A/s )  
Internal resistance(mΩ) 16mΩ 
Recommend Propeller  
Weight(g/oz) 190g/6.7oz 
KV Rating (PRM/Volt)  
Max. Surge Current(A/s) 50A/60s 


Ready to enjoy the benefits of the brushless? Thunder Tiger RIPPER series Brushless motors are affordable, high performance and efficiency brushless power sources that offers most 1/10 scale drivers the most convenient way to upgrade their car to brushless. All series brushless moteros are available separately alone or in combos with brushless ESC. This sensorless motor is specially designed for immediate, "plug and play" use. All RIPPER brushless motors are hand-assembled, virtually maintenance-free and up to twice as efficient as brushed motors.


1. Oversized precision sealed bearings.

2. 3.17mm Hardened steel Shaft-Type 540 (36x46mm).

3. Offer up to 25-30% longer run times with excellent starting torque and smooth acceleration.

4. Triple insulated windings for long life.

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