Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Transmitter Neckstrap NO.1389-W

Transmitter Neckstrap

Item No. 1389-W


Neckstrap * 1 1389-R: Red lettering 1389-W: White lettering




This is a ACE RC/ THUNDER TIGER Transmitter Neckstrap. Cool black in color with adjustable strap clips for length, nylon construction; Both "ACE RC" & "THUNDER TIGER" are printed on the strap in White or Red Lettering. Metal spring loaded clip connects the strap to your transmitter.




1. Both "ACE RC" & "THUNDER TIGER" brands are on the strap.
2. Cool black in color, "ACE RC" & "THUNDER TIGER" are printed on the strap in White or Red Lettering.
3. Nylon construction, length adustable.
4. Metal spring loaded clip connects the strap to the transmitter.
5. Wider(30mm/1.18") neckstrap design conforms with ergonomics.