Thunder Tiger CORP. -- Carrymaster w/ACC,230V NO.1265

Carrymaster w/ACC,230V

Item No. 1265


1) 3 Liter Fuel Cell
2) 12V Starting Battery /Charger
3) 12V Fuel Pump
4) Glow Starter / Charger
5) 12V HD Starter
6) 4-Way Wrench
7) Recoil fuel tubing


A Breakthrough in Field Equipment



The CarryMaster's "Organization Plus" allows you to transport all your field essentials in a rugged and compact case that will fit about anywhere in about any vehicle. A complete "turn-key" combo is available as well as the case by itself.


1) High Impact material case 2) 12V Heavy Duty electric strater included 3) High quality fule pump with recoil tubing 4) Glow starter with rechargable battery