The MTA-4 SLEDGE HAMMER S50 Special Edition equips with a massive 8.0cc (.50ci) shaft start engine which is recognized as the most powerful monster truck engine in history that produces insane ground-pounding power to smash the fighting strength of its opponents. Besides, factory assembled with 2-speed automatic transmission with reverse and specially designed all-terrain monster truck tires, the MTA-4 S50 SE runs very smoothly on any rugged landforms. Now get ready to experience the most luxury but belligerent monster truck ever!

Titan X50 Electric Flybarless Version

Get ready to handle this awesome machine that you would have never seen before! Titan X50 Electric is inherited from the Nitro version but 100% exclusive design is promised for a electric power, which is acceptable between 8~12S LiPo so that its performance is enhanced to a new high peak. The crisp pitch response makes your helicopter able to fly more aggressively than you ever thought possible! Both Flybar and Flybarless editions are available for your alternative preference on 3D or F3C flights!

ER-4 G3 MINI WRC 2011

The MINI WRC regeneration is now realized! Thunder Tiger is extremely excited to become the licensee to create the RC replica of MINI WRC for celebrating MINI resurrection. The ER4 G3 designed based on our R&D engineer’s creativity represents a brand new rally game platform that includes some revolutionary features such as balanced weight distribution, compact chassis brace unit and other rally characteristics. Let MINI legend rocks your rally world!

RTA4 S28 Racing Truck

It is another Thunder Tiger’s glory moment to represent our new nitro-powered RTR race truck: RTA4 S28. In the light of rugged chassis of MTA4 series with race proven performance, this astounding truck is absolutely one solid performer that provides only the type of smile that scale realism can supply with. No matter which roles you are, racers or bashers, RTA-4 S28 definitely provides with extreme enjoyment and extraordinary performance beyond your expectation.

Redline 1.00 Helicopter Engine

Based on our destiny to chase after perfection, Thunder Tiger’s RD group develops this newly designed RL-100H to set a new heli-power standard. Such a compact-size engine with high performance, fuel economy and extreme power fits all existing .90-size helicopters in the current market. Absolutely nothing can beat it for insane torque, crisp authority and lighting-fast power transitions.

GT5 3-Axis Gyro

The ACE RC G-T5 is a high performance 3-axis gyro, which brings you the most stable and instant flybarless flight experience. The innovative MEMS sensor technology helps you control the helicopter precisely and have the incredible real-time response. Owing many interesting features, including the OLED display screen and touch-pad with the icon-based menu, the GT5 is considered to be a winner on the flybarless front.