Dear global RC aficionado,


We are now looking for new partners to promote Thunder Tiger brand image.


In 2011 Thunder Tiger Group announced the new logo to embody the spirits of establishing global domain in diversification. Our new slogan “Rock Your World” is the brand spirit that conveys that we are fearless of any challenges and always inject our great passion into your mind! The solid determination of researching and innovating extraordinary manufacture impels us to strive for excellence beyond ourselves and meanwhile we further promote our superior products to the whole world. In the next decades we will continue to reinforce our diversity orientation globally through the brand image of Made-in-Taiwan.


If you agree with our global act conception, please do not hesitate to find your contact window per your office location as follows:


Asia: Contact with Ms. Kirra Hsu at

1) Brunei

2) Myanmar

3) Cambodia

4) Lao People's Democratic Republic


Middle East: Contact with Ms. Fanny Fan at

1) Kuwait

2) Oman

3) Bahrain

4) Cyprus


Africa: Contact with Ms. Denise Huang at

1) Kenya


Eastern Europe: Contact with Ms. Mimi Liu at

1) Yugoslavia

2) Romania

3) Lithuania

4) Estonia

5) Latvia