Thunder Tiger Model Company established.
Production of internal combustion engines, model engines, and model airplanes started.

1980: The development of radio control and R/C engine cars started.
1984: Purchased one factory in TaiChung Industrial Park.
1985: Facilities were moved to the factory.  Automatic CNC machines were purchased to increase engine production.
1986: Japanese YONEZAWA company transferred its know-how and quality assurance concept to Thunder Tiger.

Leased a model factory in Shen-Kang township of TaiChung county for the production of model airplanes.


USA subsidiary was established to integrate self-branded products.  Brand recognition was then worldwide.
A technical service center was created in the United States to satisfy growing customer demands.


Thunder Tiger was certified to “ISO 9001” in August of 1995.  It became the first and only model manufacturer in the world to earn such a certification.
One factory was built in Yu-Yao of Tse-Chiang province in China. 
This factory was located in the Far East Industry Park.
The production was started in October.

1996: Applied for the sponsorship from Ministry of Industry for the development of micro turbojet engine.

Name of Thunder Tiger Model Company was changed to “Thunder Tiger Corporation”.
Acquired ACE R/C Company, Built up ACE HOBBY DISTRIBUTORS, INC. in Missouri U.S.A. to expand North America market.

2002: ACE HOBBY DISTRIBUTORS, INC moved to LA area.
2005: Acquisition & Merged with Team Associated, the famous brand manufactory of R/C cars in North-America.
2006: Elected Director of Chinese National Federation of Industries.
Three Excellence Award Winners
Being the business partner with W&H Dentalwerk Burmoons GmbH, the 2nd biggest handpiece company globally, to march into the global dental equipment market.
New factory establishment of Thunder Tiger Group in Zhejiang Province,
Excellence Award Winner in High-speed Air Turbine Dental Handpiece
Being the Listed Company officially on 21st June at Taiwan Stock Exchange.