Diversification, versatility, internationalization, and group integration
 Thunder Tiger has successfully developed the corporate trend for the 21st century. Thunder Tiger will endeavor towards becoming a diversified, versatile, dynamic, and international enterprise that not only operates in the R/C modeling industry, but also cross over the field of aerospace technology as well. Thunder Tiger will strive towards achieving her goal of permanent operation and growth, actively engage in opening the global markets and always manufacture highest standard quality products to meet the needs of the worldwide customers. Regarding Thunder Tiger corporate plans: short term, Thunder Tiger will strengthen her business structure, secure her core business, and actively accomplish the goal of becoming an open share company; mid term, Thunder Tiger will expand her main business to sub-business in order to become a more diversified corporation, and, at the same time, develop a thriving global marketing network; long term, Thunder Tiger will establish her own enterprise groups. Besides strengthening the core business, Thunder Tiger will also generate greater profits for her investors to achieve the objective of permanent operation and growth.